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STRÄHLE+HESS presents Showcar ARTima

Press Release

STRÄHLE+HESS is a manufacturer of special technical textiles for the automotive industry which for years now has provided its services to all well-known automobile manufacturers.

To make the company's expertise in the entire vehicle interior tangible, both from a visual and haptic point of view, the STRÄHLE+HESS design team developed the Showcar ARTima.

For this purpose, the team furnished a BMW Mini with an avant-garde interior in an unexpected combination of cold and warm colours.

In their choice of colours, the designers were inspired by tropical plants and fruits. Contrasts were created by deliberately selecting fabrics and colours with a focus on structure and geometry.

The entire vehicle interior was furnished with textiles from the current 2014 collection.
Designers working for automobile manufacturers are thus presented with both functional and aesthetic innovations in regular collections of ingenious surfaces.

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